20th Season Memories: Lynx Draft Seimone Augustus

If any one player typifies the Lynx’s culture, it’s Seimone Augustus. She has played her entire career in Minnesota. Through thick and thin, she has stuck with the team, and her perseverance and hard work has helped the Lynx win four championships and establish one of the most enduring dynasties in sports.

During her college days at LSU, Augustus grew into a star. She was twice named National Player of the Year and led the Lady Tigers to four-straight Final Four Appearances. At the end of her career at LSU, she became the first female athlete to have her number retired by the school.

The Lynx, looking for a franchise player, drafted Augustus with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 WNBA Draft. In Augustus, they saw a proven scorer with the ability to take advantage of the space she creates on offense.

“She just separated herself from the rest of her senior class,” Lynx coach at the time Suzie McConnell Serio said. “Nobody’s been able to stop her, but when they’ve contained her they’ve sent double and triple teams at her, leaving other players open on the floor.”

Augustus immediately displayed the poise and intelligence that Lynx fans would come to know her for. After she was drafted, she spoke about her thought process and how she planned on fitting in with the Lynx:

“I kind of relate it back to my freshman year coming into college. You have to get into that comfort zone,” she said. “You learn your teammates, learn their personalities and see where you fit in. You just have to use that year to get yourself together, get your thoughts together and your mindset ready for this professional league.”

Fitting in wasn’t a problem at all. In her first season, Augustus made the Western Conference All-Star Team as a reserve and won Rookie of the Year. She also set a rookie record with a scoring average of 21.9 points per game. Augustus was well on her way to stardom, and while she might not be the flashiest player on the court, Augustus has been making her presence felt for 13 seasons. She will live on in Lynx history forever.