Whalen Shares Her Extraordinary Success With The Entire Lynx Franchise

After seeing her No. 13 jersey retired by the Lynx, Lindsay Whalen was a little overwhelmed, certainly happy and predominately grateful for all the people that helped make it possible for her to have such a long and successful career.

That starts with owner Glen Taylor, who created the environment in Minnesota that allowed for the team’s incredible success.

“When Glen bought the team 20-some years ago, who would have thought this would happen?” said Whalen. “I needed an opportunity first and it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t bought the team and if he hadn’t believed in women’s basketball and the WNBA.”

Whalen also made sure to thank her coach, Cheryl Reeve, who was with her for all four of her championship runs.

It’s not only the fact that her jersey retired that gave the moment meaning for Whalen, it’s the other banners that hang from the Target Center rafters as well. The Lynx championship banners, as well as the number of the late Malik Sealy and a banner honoring Flip Saunders.

“It’s great up there by 2017 when we beat L.A. at Williams, my favorite championship of all four because it was the last and the hardest. It’s great,” Whalen said. “To be up there with Malik Sealy and Flip, two coaches I grew up watching, and Malik was on all those teams, it’s pretty cool.”

It was also nice for Whalen to get a chance to walk out onto the court in front of the Lynx faithful one more time. The fans have always loved Whalen—that hasn’t changed now that she’s retired.

“It was a lot of fun. I always tried to represent on the court as a player and do my best, so it was great today to see [the fans] here and supporting as always. It was a lot of fun,” she said.

You can watch Whalen’s full comments below.