Minnesota Lynx Launch Local Changemakers Platform

Long-standing Minnesota Lynx partner Target joins effort to help build the next generation of female leaders and grow women’s sports

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL – The Minnesota Lynx today announced the local launch of the Lynx Changemakers platform, a first-of-its-kind venture focused on building the next generation of female leaders and growing and elevating women’s sports throughout Minnesota. This team-level program is modeled after the WNBA’s successful league-level platform launched in 2020. The Lynx are proud to announce Target as its first Changemaker partner.

The platform is designed to transcend traditional sponsorship and pave the way for major local companies to invest in women’s sports in a new way. By combining purpose-driven activation with direct financial support of local organizations, the Minnesota business community will have the opportunity to collectively showcase their commitment to fostering gender equity and women’s leadership through the power of sports.

In addition to Executive Roundtables and unique team access, a Lynx Changemaker Summit will take place annually in Minneapolis around a celebratory date, aimed at bringing together executives, employee resource group leaders, and athletes to share inspirational stories and discuss actionable steps necessary for the future development of female leaders. The event will be live streamed for the employee networks of each Lynx Changemaker.

Lastly, through direct financial support, a portion of each Lynx Changemaker partnership will go directly towards local Minneapolis organizations who are actively engaged in utilizing sports as a vehicle for change and mobilizing the community to invest in young girls. Girls Taking Action™ is the first local Changemaker beneficiary, working to motivate, empower and educate girls to succeed in school and life. Girls Taking Action is focused on creating positive social change – a long-time tenet of the Lynx and one that directly aligns with the team’s values.

“We are thrilled to launch this remarkable program,” said Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx CEO Ethan Casson. “As the Lynx most recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, we are reminded that this franchise has served as agents of change since the beginning. We are excited to expand our partnership with Target to ignite meaningful, intentional, and lasting impact across our communities, further empowering young women and the growth of women’s sports.”

“Congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx and Target on this groundbreaking collaboration that signals a powerful commitment to advancing the growth and impact of women’s basketball,” said Colie Edison, WNBA Chief Growth Officer. “This partnership will transcend beyond the court, extending into the local communities to help create positive change and further elevate the status of women in sports.”

The Lynx and inaugural partner Target will look to expand the platform, bringing on more Lynx Changemakers who are leading the way in not only driving positive change throughout the local community, but investing in women, women in sports, and opening access to more inclusive and equitable pathways in business.

In 2020, the WNBA announced the formation of “WNBA Changemakers” with founding partners AT&T, Deloitte and Nike (CarMax, Google and U.S. Bank have since joined). The platform is designed to provide direct support to the WNBA through business, marketing, branding, and player and fan experience investment and opportunities.