Two Lynx Games Will Stream On Twitter In 2019

It’s getting easier and easier to watch WNBA basketball.

In addition to the 10 Lynx games that will be available to a national TV audience via ABC, CBS or ESPN, the league announced today that Twitter will stream 20 live WNBA games during the 2019 season on the @WNBA page. Two of those games feature the Lynx—their game in Seattle on June 4 and their game in Atlanta on August 6.

This should be a very interesting year for the WNBA to continue expanding its reach and building up an already passionate fanbase. ESPN/ABC will be broadcasting 16 WNBA games, CBS just came in with a monster 40-game commitment as a part of a multi-year deal. Now Twitter has added 20 games as well. All told, fans around the country will have 76 opportunities to watch WNBA basketball live this season. That’s not counting any deals teams make with local broadcasters (Fox Sports North has yet to announce their schedule).

The Lynx open what will be a very competitive and fun training camp on Sunday. Stay tuned to for coverage.