Training Camp Report | Getting The Right Three-Pointers, Sims Pushing The Pace

As the Lynx prepare to scrimmage against the Chinese National Team on Wednesday and travel to Las Vegas to face the Aces on Sunday, the focus in the gym has been getting the concepts installed earlier in the week to make the jump from thought out to automatic. After all, head coach Cheryl Reeve isn’t on the floor with her team in games.

“The things that we’ve been saying and building, know it on your own now without being cued. That’s probably the biggest thing. I don’t want to have to cue everything,” said Reeve. “Just being comfortable and performing instead of just trying to survive because you don’t know what’s going on. You should know what’s going on, now you’re performing.”

Bringing the rookies and new players up to speed is especially challenging, but in order for this team to be successful it’s a necessity. The Lynx have the bones of a deep, talented team. That comes in handy during the grind of the regular season.

“Every team that I think about that’s been successful has had that ability to be flexible in a lineup. You can go eight, nine deep and be flexible in terms of rotation. I’d say we probably have that with this group,” said Reeve.

As anyone that’s been paying attention to Lynx training camp knows, three-point shooting has been an area of emphasis for the team. They’re not trying to dramatically shift the way they play, and Reeve does not expect her players to forgo shots that they feel very comfortable with in order to take three-pointers, but she expects them to pull the trigger if they’re open.

Reeve is also working on ways to hunt out three-pointers—that has shown in the team’s drill work.

“When it’s there you take it, and that’s what they’ve been doing. We’ve been identifying places that we’ve been missing and you can’t be afraid to shoot the three, but I also think you should hunt your go-to,” said Reeve. “We shoot a ton of threes in practice in terms of our drills so that hopefully builds some confidence and they know we want to shoot threes. It’s not going to overtake our identity, but you have to be able to shoot enough of them.”

Sims Wants To Run

Odyssey Sims is getting more and more comfortable with her new team and her relationship with Danielle Robinson, Seimone Augustus and Lexie Brown is growing by the day.

“So far so good. It was a tough week last week and we’re still grinding this week as we get ready for the season, but training camp has been good, everybody’s learning, we’re helping each other, so I couldn’t be in a better place,” she said.

One of the things that’s helping Sims’ adjustment is Reeve’s focus on pushing pace. Sims is a natural in the open court and Reeve is intent on taking advantage of that.

“I like to get out and run. Cheryl told me whenever I have a fast break, whenever I have an opportunity to push the ball I can, so that falls right in my lap, that’s right up my alley and really what I want to do, so I’m excited and ready for the season,” said Sims.

Quick Hits:

  • The Lynx are still spending a lot of time on situational drills. End of the shot clock, late-game possessions, inbounds plays and other things like that. They do these for both offense and defensive situations.
  • Kenisha Bell still looks good and has continuously shown off her ability to finish. She’s one of the best in the business at the rim.
  • Tuesday was a lighter day in terms of content, not a ton of new information, but it seems like the team is in very good spirits. They’re looking forward to Wednesday’s scrimmage.