The Significance Of 11-0

With a team like the Minnesota Lynx, words like “history” and “record” are thrown around like the word “synergy” is on LinkedIn.

That’s because the only thing the Lynx have done in the last five years is win. And unlike requests on LinkedIn, it’s been anything but annoying.

The Lynx set the WNBA record on Tuesday night, starting the season out 11-0 by defeating the Indiana Fever at the Target Center. And whose record did they beat, you ask? Well, their own actually. The team started out 10-0 back in 2012.

What makes the record and start of the season so fascinating for the Lynx is that the players are kind of like, “yeah, that’s awesome, but…” about it. Obviously basketball history buffs like Maya Moore, Seimone Augustus and Lindsay Whalen understand the significance of the record, but they also know starting out 11-0 means nothing if the team loses the next 23 games (just a hunch, but that’s not going to happen).

“It’s just one of those things that is a result of what we’ve done since Training Camp,” Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve said. “We look up 11 games into it and say ‘things are going pretty well for the first third of the season.’ It’s nice to have.”

And that’s exactly what makes this team so incredibly special. It’s one game at a time. It’s ‘what can we do now to be better for tomorrow?’ When most of us would be satisfied, the Lynx are hungry for more. That’s not to say we are all lazy, but it is saying that the Lynx are world class and that’s why they’ve won three of the last five WNBA titles.

A lot of that comes from Reeve, who has set the tone from her first day as Minnesota’s head coach.

Reeve and the Lynx know they have plenty of accomplishments to look back on. But why look back on them when you’re on a dynasty in the middle of a historical run?

It was fitting the Lynx set the record on the WNBA’s 20th birthday considering the Lynx have dominated the last quarter of the league’s history.

Minnesota will aim to extend its record to 12-0 on Sunday against the Seattle Storm.

It’s very rare as a sports fan to have the opportunity to witness history unfold. We all have that chance right now. It’d be foolish to miss any of it.