Lynx Preparing For Competition With Chinese National Team

The Lynx are preparing for a special preseason game on Wednesday as they take on the Chinese National Team in a scrimmage at Target Center. The game won’t be open to the public—just Lynx season ticket members—but it should be a great showcase of international basketball as well as a chance to see some of the younger Lynx players in more extended action.

Unlike against the Mystics, where head coach Cheryl Reeve played a rotation similar to what is likely to be the regular season rotation, the Lynx rookies and bench players will get more run in this exhibition.

While it is a scrimmage—the Lynx will be wearing practice jerseys and it isn’t an official WNBA preseason game—the contest will still be intense. For the Chinese team it’s an opportunity to pick up a statement win, while for the Lynx it’s another chance for them to test out the actions they’ve been working on in camp in game action.

The scrimmage has additional meaning for Lynx forward Shao Ting, who is the captain of the Chinese team and widely considered to be one of the best Chinese female basketball players. It will be interesting to see Shao go up against her national team teammates as she fights for a roster spot on the Lynx.

For all the players on the team fighting for a spot on the regular season roster—players like Kenisha Bell, Taylor Emery, Erlana Larkins and Jillian Allyene—this will be one of the most important opportunities to showcase their skills and make their case. All four of those players and Shao played very well in the Lynx’s first preseason game against the Mystics, so competition is certainly fierce.