President Obama Honors 2015 WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx At The White House

For the third time in five years, the Minnesota Lynx had the opportunity to visit the White House and meet President Obama in honor of winning the 2015 WNBA Championship.

The Lynx had the pleasure of shaking the President’s hand, seeing multiple rooms in the White House and getting recognized for their accomplishments in front many important people, including Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and WNBA President Lisa Borders.

“So, I think it’s fair to say that this team is a powerhouse,” President Obama said. “You’ve got Maya Moore, Lindsay Whalen and Seimone Augustus, recently named among the Top 20 players in WNBA history. It seems like you all should have had more than three.”

In his speech, the President recapped the Lynx’ great run last season on their way to capturing their first Championship at home.

“As Maya put it, it wasn’t a perfect year, a perfect series or a perfect game, but we are the Champions, and that’s what matters,” Obama stated.

Like the city of Minneapolis knows, the members of the Minnesota Lynx are much more than just basketball players. Coach Reeve and the Lynx do a tremendous job helping out in the community, giving thanks to their fans and showing first-hand that life is about more than just basketball.

“These women are not just All-Star basketball players, they are also leaders in the Minnesota community,” President Obama said. “They host an annual Breast Health Awareness game in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, they made holiday cards for children of military members, teamed up with the Twin Cities Boys and Girls Club to help prepare meals for kids who would otherwise go hungry, and the team signed honorary contracts with young boys and girls who were facing big challenges, but had dreams of playing basketball.”

After the President of the United States was done speaking, it was Lindsay Whalen’s turn to take the spotlight.

“Thank you Mr. President… I’ve always wanted to say that… to a President too, you know?” Whalen said as everyone laughed. “We were talking earlier today about maybe if there was a way we could get some legislation passed, for you four more years, and for us a couple more times here. Kind of keep this thing going.”

“I have been your good luck charm, but you’d have to negotiate with Michelle (Obama),” President Obama replied.

The once-in-a-lifetime (well maybe more than once when it comes to the Lynx) event was filled with laughs and applause as the 13-2 Lynx thoroughly enjoyed their time inside the White House.

“The invitation definitely stands for you to come to our house,” Whalen said to the President. “Whose house? Our house.”