Practice Report | Undefeated, Yet Still Looking To Improve

Todd Barin

Web Editorial Associate


After winning their six straight game to start of the 2016 WNBA season, the Minnesota Lynx took two days off before getting back to practice on Friday morning inside of Mayo Clinic Square.

In their Championship defense campaign, the Lynx are playing great basketball on both ends of the court, ranking fifth in the league in points per game, and second in points allowed.

“For the better parts of the games, we’re doing really, really good things,” Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve said. “They’re really locked in on what the schemes are, both offensively and defensively, so I think overall we feel good about our ability and that we’re starting the games well. We’re a team that has yet to step on the throats of our opponents, and to make sure that a 6-0 run doesn’t become a 10-0 run, so I think that’s the one and obvious thing that we’re looking at. But for the most part I’ve been really pleased with their attention to detail and how well we’re trusting each other and playing together, so that’s been fun to watch.”

From an efficiency standpoint, Minnesota has been the team in the WNBA to watch so far this season, leading the league in field goal percentage with 48.2 percent, and rank third in assists per game with 19.7.

“We have really good players,” Reeve said. “I think post players understanding when you set really great screens, and guards understanding when you wait for screens and all these little things, it’s just creating really good opportunities. I think more than anything they’re really enjoying sharing the ball. I’ve really been happy with kind of us making the easy play for the most part. I think overall they’re feeling really good about our offense.”

Despite the undefeated record and the high rankings in basically every statistical category, the Lynx still realize there is a lot of room for improvement.

“I still think there are moments when we can be even tighter on offense and just continue to be in sync and more on the same page in certain moments,” Lynx forward Maya Moore said. “I still think there are a few things we can clean up turnovers wise, but just continuing to do more of what we’re trying to work on and of course finishing in the paint, and making that offensive efficiency continue to translate to our defensive energy.”

The Lynx have an opportunity to go 7-0 on Saturday night inside the Target Center against the Dallas Wings. Minnesota last started a season with seven straight wins in 2014, a year when they came up just short in the WNBA Finals.

Although the Lynx have looked great to start off the season, they have made it a little harder on themselves than some games needed to be. Leading by 28-11 and 29-6 after the first quarter in their last two games respectively, Minnesota allowed their opposition to climb back in the ballgame, allowing each team to get back within six points of them.

“We’re only six games into the season, so we see a few wrinkles on defense where we can get better in certain situations,” Lynx guard Seimone Augustus said. “We’ve had very big leads in the last two games and they ended up being eight point games coming into the fourth quarter, so cleaning up a few mistakes here and there will help us get to where we need to go.”