Practice Report | The First Road Trip, A Seimone Augustus Injury Update

The Lynx held their final practice on Friday before going on the road to face the Wings and Storm. This is the team’s first road trip, so it’s a great opportunity for players and coaches to assess their performance in more adverse conditions.

Head coach Cheryl Reeve said that it’s important to be even more technically sound when on the road. Without the fans behind a team, momentum can swing against team more easily and opponents have more energy to capitalize on mistakes. Minnesota will have to be sharp to continue their perfect 2019 campaign.

“Playing at home, there’s a comfort level of having your fans that you can feed off of, sometimes you can get away with some stuff, you can cover up because you’re playing at home,” said Reeve. “On the road you can’t so you get exposed. When you strip back some of the things we’re not getting done, those things will become a problem on the road. Cleaning up, particularly on the offensive end.”

However, while road trips present their fair share of challenges, they also provide opportunities for the team to spend a lot of time together and bond in a meaningful way.

“Road trips are great, you’re together in different ways, sometimes when you’re home you get distracted when you leave here,” said Reeve. “It’s just us. You have a captive audience, people go eat together, hang out more in the trainer’s room. That’s the fun part of being on the road, you get to know each other a little better.”

No players spoke after practice as the team was getting ready to catch their flight to Dallas. The Lynx take on the Wings at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Augustus Has Successful Surgery

Seimone Augustus had her knee scoped on Thursday and there is hope that it will help her come back strong this season.

“It’s kind of fascinating to me, doc rings me afterwards and says the three things that she did and how excited she is that she hopes Seimone, when she comes back, is going to feel significantly better,” said Reeve.

There isn’t an official timetable for Augustus’ injury but rehab for this type of surgery typically takes around six weeks.