Lynx, Jia Perkins And Subaru Team Up For School Supply Drop Off

On Friday, Sept. 9, Lynx guard Jia Perkins delivered school supplies to students at Jefferson Community School.

Those supplies were a result of the Subaru and Lynx school supply donation, which took place on Sept. 2 in a home game at the Target Center. Fans were encouraged to donate the supplies for the students, and Perkins delivered them with the Lynx Subaru.

“It means a lot, because me having a daughter and just what education means,” Perkins said of her visit. “It’s very important. You need the supplies to succeed. It was fun for me to come out here and just give them some bags and do a little reading and get to meet different people that are successful and let them know they can be the same way.”

After delivering the school supplies, Perkins read to the students, gave them some advice for not only in school, but in life, and then took pictures with the students.

“Obviously one time isn’t going to change (things), but we’ve been doing this in the community for a while, so you just have to keep planting that seed and eventually it’s going to grow,” Perkins said of her talk to the students. “If they keep hearing different things from different people, sometimes it’s good to hear outside of your teachers . . . I think that helps resonate.”

It was another great community event put on by the Lynx and Subaru, setting up children in the community to achieve and hit their maximum potential.