Introducing The New Minnesota Lynx Logo

Mitchell Hansen
Web Editorial Associate

Strong. Steady. Confident. Powerful. Fierce.

For nearly 20 years, all of those terms have accurately described the Minnesota Lynx.

On Friday, the Lynx gave a sneak peek to a new logo that will represent much of the same.

Fans were able to get a look at the new Lynx logo during halftime of Friday night’s game against the Los Angeles Sparks at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

Creative artist Dan Dunn finished a painting of the logo at half court during halftime, showing the fans Minnesota’s new mark for the first time.

The team will continue using their current logo for the remainder of the 2017 season before switching to the new logo in 2018. Merchandise with the new logo will be available prior to the 2018 season.

Fans in attendance Friday night will receive a pint glass with the new logo as they exit the game, the first and only piece of branded merchandise available until next year.

Honoring The History and Dynasty 

With the new logo, the Lynx aren’t necessarily looking to create a new era or move on from the past, which has consisted of a storied history filled with great success.

Rather, they look to continue that success, as the new logo still honors that history and the dynasty that has been created here in Minnesota.

As you found out during halftime of Friday’s game after seeing the logo, it aligns with the Lynx family of franchises, which include the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and the G-League’s Iowa Wolves.

The similar look of the three logos is purposeful in unifying the three teams and visually establishing all of them as one organization.

Even with the new look to the logo, the Lynx take pride in the dynasty they have built and the record-setting performances they have accomplished both on and off the court. They cannot forgot what has got them to this point.

Minnesota is an organization that has never shied away from breaking new ground, paving the way for other WNBA teams while fighting fearlessly.

The Lynx fight every day on and off the court to establish themselves as a powerhouse, much like they have done throughout their history and dynasty run.

Meaning Behind The Logo 

The meaning behind the new mark is consistent with what the Lynx have tried to represent since 1998, when they became a WNBA team.

The logo, like with the Timberwolves and Wolves, all bear the Nordic A and the North Star. The Lynx logo was created with elements all its own that are a nod to the team’s dominance in the WNBA.

The Lynx head faces to the left, signifying a reflection of the team’s great past, with pride and mindfulness of its great future.

The Lynx head is also the only one of the three logos to break the seal of the circle, meant to portray the organization’s ability to fight fearlessly, break new grounds, pave the way for others and exert uncontainable energy.

The logo stands ready to take on the next attack and defend the top of the mountain, much like the team that is on the court in the present.

On Friday, the Lynx gave a sneak peek to what their new mark will be beyond the 2017 season.

One that will represent being strong, steady, confident, powerful and fierce.

And, although the logo will be changing for the Lynx at the end of 2017, their winning mentality and desire for success on and off the court will not.