Holiday Plans | Rebekkah Brunson Edition

What are your plans for holidays?

I will be in Sacramento, California enjoying a little sunshine and family time. A quick get away from this wicked Minnesota winter lol

Real tree or artificial?

Always go with the real tree. There’s nothing like it. Fake trees just don’t give you the same feeling.

Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper!

I like to take a night out to wrap all the presents. It gets me even more excited about the gifts I am giving and I can picture the recipient’s surprise as they unwrap it. Also, I like perfecting my wrapping technique!

If you had to participate in holiday karaoke, what would be your go-to song?

This Christmas or last Christmas!

Favorite things to eat at holiday celebrations?

No favorites but I promised myself this year I would give fruitcake another try. I feel like it has a bad rep.

Top 3 favorite holiday movies?

A Christmas Story, Santa Claus and Christmas Vacation.

Favorite holiday tradition?

Going to the movies on Christmas day.

Favorite gift received as a kid?

My pet monster. I wish I still had it.