Fowles Donates Portion Of MVP Earnings To Support Girls Cycling

Mitchell Hansen
Web Editorial Associate

Sylvia Fowles is not only an MVP on the court, but she continues to be an MVP off the court as well.

Fowles, who was named the 2017 WNBA Most Valuable Player last week, is donating a portion of her MVP earnings to a local nonprofit organization, Cycles for Change.

Fowles is helping give back to middle and high school girls by giving them access to bicycles. Her partnership with Cycles for Change and the Minneapolis Foundation was born from her desire to give back, provide opportunity and encouragement to underserved youth and other marginalized people in the Minneapolis area.

“It’s more important than ever for people to use their platform for good and I have always wanted to find a way to share my love of cycling with others. Really, I wanted to say thank you,” Fowles said in a release sent out by Cycles for Change. “It was important to me to work with an organization based in Minneapolis, since this community has welcomed me with such open arms.”

Cycles for Change is a nonprofit bicycle education and advocacy organization that works to support low-income youth and youth of color in riding bikes as a way of living healthy lifestyles, expanding mobility and having fun.

Fowles’ donation for Cycles for Change through her fund at the Minneapolis Foundation will support girls from the Seward neighborhood in getting a new bicycle, lock and helmet along with safe cycling education and an introduction to basic bike maintenance. Kids in the program will also take a group trail ride with Fowles and have a chance to explore their neighborhood through riding bikes with C4C mentors.

“Winning MVP is such a special honor and I wanted to be sure and recognize how important the Minneapolis community has been to this achievement,” Fowles said in the release. “I feel an obligation to return the energy to them, and it’s in the spirit of our team and our amazing fans that I’m now working with Cycles for Change.”