Five Things To Know About Cierra Dillard

With the No. 20 pick in the WNBA draft the Lynx took Cierra Dillard out of Buffalo. Dillard is a competitive, tenacious point guard with a real knack for running an offense.

Here are five things you should know:

She Can Score

If there’s one thing Dillard can do it’s put the ball in the hoop. Dillard scored the second-most points in the NCAA Division I this season, averaging 25.2 points per game. She wasn’t the most efficient player which is understandable considering how much of a load she had to carry for Buffalo, but she did 34.1 percent from three which is a decent mark. She also has a large range on her three-pointers and will be able to help stretch the floor off the bench.

She Gets Her Teammates Involved

Dillard isn’t just a scorer. She averaged 5.7 assists per game as well. She has great vision and is always looking to find teammates for good looks. Dillard’s physicality helps her get inside and break down defenses and she has great ball control. Earlier this year she threw a full-court pass to a streaking teammate for a buzzer-beater. Even her passing has swagger to it.

She Gets To The Line… And Takes Advantage Of It

Dillard is a physical player and she gets rewarded for her effort with trips to the line. She shot and made the most free-throws in the NCAA DI this season. The Lynx were one of the worst teams in the league last year at getting to the line and Dillard could help in that department. While she will have to make sure she’s still able to draw contact in the WNBA instead of just getting her shot blocked, physicality tends to translate. Her ability to get to the line could be Dillard’s calling card at the nest level. 

She’s A Thief

A tenacious defender, Dillard forces a ton of turnovers. She averaged 2.9 steals per game in college and while she needs to work on keeping her fouls down and being smart about the gambles she takes on offense, she looks like she could be a disruptor in the WNBA. She doesn’t give an inch and anytime she sees an opportunity to take the ball for her team she takes advantage. 

She Keeps Working

Dillard has improved a ton each year of her college career. She’s in the best physical shape of her career as well and though she understands that it’s difficult for later-round picks to make WNBA rosters she’s not going give an inch. Simply by the force of her own effort, Dillard will bring the level of play up for everyone around her. She knows with how hard she works she can go toe-to-toe with anyone, and now she’s out to prove it.