Fans Go Wild at Tip-A-Lynx Event

Todd Barin

Web Editorial Associate


Over 200 people squeezed their way into the Champps in Minnetonka, Minn. on Tuesday night as the Minnesota Lynx hosted their 4th annual Tip-A-Lynx event.

Lynx’ players and coaches waited on tables full of fans in order to raise money for the Lynx FastBreak Foundation, which not only provides but supports hands on programs for Minnesota youth.

Thanks to the incredible generosity from the fans, the Lynx were able to raise over $13,000, the most in their four years of hosting the event.

“It’s for a great cause, it’s great access with the players, you can chat with them and see how their offseason went, talk about the upcoming season and get to know the new people,” Kristi Hummel, a 5-year Lynx member said. “It’s exciting to welcome the rookies and some of the new people to Minnesota.”

With the season quickly approaching, fans are excited about the possibility of the Lynx repeating as Champions and bringing home their 4th WNBA title.

“I’ve been following the Lynx since the very first year they arrived in Minnesota and I’ve been through a lot of ups-and-downs but now we’ve been on a lot of up’s,” Cindy Smith, a first year Lynx member said. “I’m excited, it’s an Olympic year, we have a great team, have a great group of players, great coach, it’s really all come together especially if you consider from the beginning. They’re nice people and we enjoy every game.”

The event was a huge success as fans interacted with the players, bid on silent auction items, as well as priceless Lynx experiences through a live auction.

“It’s so nice to be on a real personal level, just being able to chat with them about anything, it’s just unprecedented access,” Hummel said. “I don’t know where else you would get this kind of access to elite athletes in the world.”