Danielle Robinson On Kristi Toliver’s NBA Coaching Job

The following is excerpted from John Focke’s conversation with Lynx point guard Danielle Robinson. You can listen to the entire interview, where they discuss Robinson’s rehabilitation from her injury, the WNBA playoffs and the University of Minnesota’s Maroon and Gold game here.

Focke: We just saw Kristi Toliver got signed as a coach for the Washington Wizards, what are your thoughts on seeing Kristi take that next step? She worked with them during summer league but now she’s going to be on the bench.

Robinson: It was huge. Definitely excited for her. You can already tell that she’s a great basketball mind. You can tell from the way she plays the game. And to watch the videos, I’ve seen videos of her interacting with John Wall over there when she was at Summer League in Vegas, I know she’s learning so much over there but to be able to give her knowledge that she has as a player and as a fan of the game back to those guys, I think it’s going to be huge and just another barrier that’s broken down on our side.

Focke: And speaking of WNBA players on the NBA side, the Wolves last night opened the season against San Antonio, she went from the back row of the bench to sitting courtside this year.

Robinson: Absolutely. I remember when they announced that earlier this year that she was going to be on the front part of the bench so when I was watching last night I was like there she goes, there’s Becky looking sharp as usual. Definitely another great basketball mind.