Cheryl Reeve Reacts To The Lynx’s Win In Chicago

After the Lynx’s huge win over the Sky on Wednesday night, head coach Cheryl Reeve had some great things to say about her team.

After losing a 13-point lead, the Lynx came back to win and have now won three in a row and five of their last six games.

“This team has answered in moments of adversity, have a lead and unfortunately losing it and fighting back and figuring out a way to answer,” she said. “Fortunately, we’ve been in that place before so we didn’t have to panic, we just had to execute over the final few possessions get a couple stops and hope we had a chance at the end. We were fortunate for Odyssey to get a good shot and our defense was pretty stout [to finish] and we just got lucky to see the ball go in for us.”

The Lynx have dealt with their fair share of injuries this season. However, Reeve said that dealing with that adversity has helped the team grow stronger. Players have been stepping up.

“I think any time there’s injuries in a team it changes the drive for some to be successful and I think we have a collection of players — I’m repeating myself in saying this — we have a will to win and they take pride in the way they play,” she said. “We hang our hat on our defense and it was good for a good part of the game and then it was not good for a large part of the game and it was our defense that actually won this thing when we got some key stops down the stretch.”

Finally, Reeve gave Odyssey Sims a shout-out for her composure under pressure getting the basket that won Minnesota the game.

“It’s what Odyssey does,” said Reeve. “She’s done it her whole career going back to high school and college and I liked her focus even though there’s always a crowd around her, she’s getting hit or creating contact — or whatever — in that moment she’s been so good in terms of technique and follow through and the way that she stayed in that play and kind of willed that ball into the basket.”