Reeve Report: Prepping For 2013

Hey Lynx Fans! It has been a while since we connected so I thought it was time for a Reeve Report. First, I want to say THANK YOU for an amazing season of support by you, our fans. This season we placed ourselves atop the WNBA in becoming one of the most difficult places in the league for opponents to play. You helped us set a franchise record with 16 home wins. As we say around the team  YOU DID THAT!!

While the season did not end the way we all expected, 2012 was a great season nonetheless. A return trip to the Finals and another 27-win seasonto give us 54 wins in two seasonsis one of the best runs in league history. The highlights of the season were taking our place in history with a league-best start to the season with 10 wins in a row and setting a league record in assists per game. We narrowly missed setting a record for overall field goal percentage by a team. No question the biggest challenge of the season was overcoming the leagues desire to have a different champion as we fought every night against the force of each teams desire to knock off the defending champs.

I have no doubt that our players will return with a renewed hunger to get our hardware back. That being said, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Im looking forward to the 2013 season and hope you are too. Our staff will be very busy building the roster for the coming season, starting with free agency, which began Jan. 15. Through free agency, potential trades, and the collegiate draft well no doubt have another great team with high expectations.

You may have seen that the WNBA will be implementing a few rules changes for the coming season. The first is that the 3-point line will be extended to 22 1 3/4, which is consistent with FIBA competitions. The second is the implementation of defensive 3 seconds. This rule pertains to actively guarding guidelines when a defensive player is in the area defined as the paint. Both the extension of the 3-point line and defensive 3 seconds will open up play and allow for greater freedom of movement for players. Lastly, slight changes have been made with regard to the use of instant replay as it pertains to flagrant fouls and the restricted area.

In my next entry I will begin to detail our off-season efforts to improve our team. As a precursor, however, Ill tell you that I am writing this entry of the Reeve Report from the beautiful city of Roma, Italy, where Im combining vacation with a little scouting here in Europe. Let the speculation begin!

Ciao per ora!

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