Coach Reeve Honored At Wild Game

Kyle Ratke
Web Editorial Associate

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Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve has been interviewed on television multiple times. Shes coached in front of sold out arenas. Shes been part of countless radio interviews.

So, youd think saying something simple like Lets Play Hockey in front of nearly 18,000 fans would be easy?

Not so fast.

On Nov. 5, before the Wild took on the Calgary Flames, Reeve was honored with a jersey and introduced as a two-time WNBA Champion with the Minnesota Lynx.

After she received a standing ovation, she was handed the microphone to so those three simple words. Before grabbing the microphone, she muttered under her breath, Well, this just got real.

You know, when I was fine until they started telling me stories, Reeve laughed.  When he said take it away, coach, thats when it was really real. And then it seemed like 18,000 people were staring right at me.

Everyone puts his or her own spin on the saying, and that was no different for Reeve. The Wild had won two straight games going into Tuesday night.

Aright Wild fans, lets get behind this team and keep this winning streak going. So, every one, say it with me. LETS. PLAY. HOCKEY!

She made the announcement with the crowd joining along. The reviews around the arena seemed positive, although Reeve was unsure on how she did.

You know, I dont know if I can judge that. I was in the moment, Reeve said. I might not be at the top, but I know I wasnt at the bottom, so thats all that matters.

Reeve then took pictures with fans and at the end of the first period, she was interviewed on Fox Sports North by Jamie Hersch. You can watch the full interview here.

The Wild ended up beating the Flames 5-1.

Throughout the offseason, Reeve and the Lynx have been honored by the Timberwolves, Vikings and Wild, showing that the Twin Cities sports scene has a sense of family to it.

The community aspect of this, Reeve said. Not only our brother teams in each of the different sports, but obviously the community at large and the Twin Cities area. Its just been really, really great to our team.

After a hectic summer and playoff run, Reeve will relax a bit, catching some college games while hopefully making a trip overseas to see a few of her players in action.

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