Offseason Spotlight: Maya Moore

Editor's Note: Throughout the offseason, will catch up with members of the organization and give you a look into how their winters are going. In the first Offseason Spotlight, we catch up with forward Maya Moore. Moore is spending her offseason in China playing for Shanxi Xing Rui Flame. She already has a 60-point game for Shanxi in a 91-88 overtime win against Yunnan on Nov. 10. She also had a 55-point game last week, a 99-85 victory taht extended Shanxi's win streak to eight.

How has the China experience been so far?

It has been interesting transition so far and every day I'm learning more and more about my new teammates, coaches, fans and city. I'm also 13 hours ahead of everyone in Minnesota.

Whats been the toughest adjustment youve had to make since arriving to China?

Toughest adjustment by far is communicating. We have Spanish Coaches, one Korean player, me (the English speaker), and the rest of the players and staff are Chinese. Yes...four languages is a challenge to navigate on this journey of a season.

Have you tried any of the local cuisine yet? If so, whats your new favorite discovery?

I have tasted several Chinese dishes but my favorites are the fried rice, noodles, and dumplings. Chinese cabbage is also delicious.

You recently scored 60 points in a game. Had you ever had a game like that before?

That 60 point game was an amazing game because we won by 3, on the road, in overtime! Winning on the road is very hard to do in China, so I was glad I was able to help my team win. I was definitely in a zone, which I've felt several times before in my career, I've just never been on a team where my team needed me to score 60 points. But when my team needs me to I do my best to step up.

What do you miss most about Minnesota?

I definitely miss my Lynx family in Minnesota and everywhere else! Also, the clean, beautiful Minnesota air! :)

With Christmas right around the corner, does your family have a holiday tradition that you still try to maintain?

Wherever I am during Christmas, I try to always remember how blessed I am and to take that spirit to try to bless those I'm around. This year, it will be with my mom (here in China) and with other Chinese teammates, friends, etc.

As a kid, Christmas is all about the presents. What was your favorite present growing up?

I do enjoy a thoughtful gift! And as a kid you could have given me a stick, and say it was a "special stick" and I would've loved and played with that stick all day :) but I vividly remember as an 8 year old getting my first official WNBA basketball that Christmas. I carried that ball with me to every basketball event I attended until I was 16. Hope everyone is doing well in Minnesota! Take care.

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