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Megan Schuster
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Walking down the back alleys of Target Center to a meeting with the WNBA president, and seeing a Lynx win while watching the 2013 WNBA Championship banner drop from the rafters are both pretty surreal things. Having them happen in the span of three hours on your first day at work is unbelievable.

Hey Lynx fansmy name is Megan Schuster and youre reading the first edition of Off The Bounce. Im the new Web Editorial Associate for the Minnesota Lynx and Timberwolves, and Ill be here all summer (seriously).

If youve been on over these last few weeks, chances are youve stumbled across some of my content. I hope youve enjoyed it so far, because I know that I have. Ive been fortunate enough to see and experience many new things in my time here with the Lynx.

Ive seen Damiris Dantas connect with her teammates and make jokes even though they dont speak the same language.

Ive seen Janel McCarville, a fearsome post defender, whip out her Google Translate App to help Dantas feel included in the conversation.

Ive seen Seimone Augustus light up the locker room, her teammates and even members of the media without trying to.

Ive witnessed (and survived) the Lindsay Whalen death glare. After a questionable call during a game, Whalen gave the most distinctive, terrifying look Ive seen in my 21 yearsand here I sit, living to tell the tale.

Ive watched Devereaux Peters, Monica Wright and Rebekkah Brunson fighting each and every day to come back from injuries and rejoin their team.

Ive met rookies who work themselves to the breaking point in practice to show their veteran teammates how much this chance means to them. And Ive seen a resilient, tough group of women who work hard day-in and day-out for themselves and each other. Ive seen them honored in front of the entire country, at the White House, for playing the game the right way and being an inspiration to others.

Working with an organization like the Lynx and Timberwolves has always been a dream of mine.

Heres a bit of my background for you all: This fall Ill be a (reluctant) senior at the University of Missouri. Im studying Sports Journalism there, as well as Spanish. I had the amazing opportunity to study in Pamplona, Spain, for five months this spring, so if any of you out there speak a little Espaol, shoot me an email. (Trust me, I need the practice.)

I was a member of the Columbia Missourian sports beat last year, covering soccer and swimming for the University of Missouri, soccer for Stephens College and Columbia College, as well as a bit of rugby in my spare time. I must confess, rugby is still one of the more confusing things Ive ever witnessed in my life, but boy is it entertaining.

You may be wondering: Where does this girl get her qualifications to cover basketball?

Well let me tell you, I rode the pine a lot during my fifth through eighth grade basketball career, so Ive got a great working knowledge of basketball theoryjust not so talented in the execution-department.

Lover of all things sports, Rick Reilly groupie, hamburger enthusiast and terrible dancer are all ways I prefer to describe myself.

In all-seriousness, I want to give you guys the content and information you want, so if you have any feedback for me, feel free to shoot me an email at or a tweet @megschuster and Ill do my best to get back to you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope youll keep up with Off The Bounce.

Until next week!

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