National Girls and Women in Sports Day Profile: Mackenzie Kramer

Editor's Note: With National Girls and Women in Sports Day being celebrated on Feb. 5, the Lynx organization will be highlighting female athletes throughout the week. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, Education is the most effective way of remedying discrimination. Thus, National Girls and Women in Sports Day is not just a day to celebrate the achievements of women in sports to the exclusion of the achievement of male athletes. It is a day where males and females focus on (1) the importance of remedying past discrimination against women in sports, (2) the benefits of sports participation for girls, and (3) addressing the myths that have kept both boys and girls from supporting girls' sports participation; myths like "throws like a girl", girls who play sports are lesbians, girls who do gymnastics get eating disorders, etc. Today, we continue with Mackenzie Kramer.

Name: Mackenzie Kramer

Age: 6th Grade

Position: PG

What do you love most about sports?

Sports like basketball, soccer, football & dodge ball keep me active, engaged with my friends and promote a healthy lifestyle. Im very competitive and enjoy working hard to get better and be better every day.

Who are female athletes you look up to? Why?

Maya Moore: shes a great player, team mate and all-around person.

Lyndsay Whalen: shes the ultimate team player; finding someone open when they are and scoring when the team needs her to.

Seimone Augustus: she has an effortless shot and killer crossover that I hope to duplicate.

Billie Jean King: she was a pioneer for womens sports. Worked tirelessly to be the best and fought for what she believed in.

Why do you think sports are important for you and other young female athletes?

Sports keep us healthy, fit and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Sports help build confidence; when you can see yourself getting better.

Sports provide a sense of accomplishment; when you get your first basket or the team wins their first game

How do sports help you stay active and fit?

They keep me on the move and constantly alert.

Participation in sports has made me aware of the need to take care of my body. I dont eat a lot of sweets or drink a lot of soda. I prefer to eat lots of fruits, protein and I drink a lot of water. I love my pasta though.

What lessons do you learn from sports that you use in everyday life?

How to work together with others with different skills

Set goals for yourself & dont be afraid to go for it!

Work hard and when youre tired, work harder
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