Service A Goal Both Lynx, Mayo Clinic Share In Partnership

Kyle Ratke
Web Editorial Associate

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Perfect matches in business are difficult to find. Sometimes different goals or big picture ideas get in the way of this. Location could be an issue. Sometime the two sides are just too unlike to coexist.

The Minnesota Lynx announced on Monday that they have teamed with the Mayo Clinic, and it doesnt appear as if any of the reasons listed above will be an issue. In fact, after hearing both sides talk at Target Center on Monday, it seems like a pretty perfect partnership. Beginning this season, Mayo Clinic will be visible in the marquee placement on the Lynx's jersey, right above the players' numbers on the front. The marquee partnership makes the Lynx the sixth WNBA team to put a prsenting partner on the front of their jersey.

This agreement between the Lynx and Mayo Clinic is part of a previously announced strategic collaboration that includes the development of a new state-of-the-art training facility and sports medicine center in Mayo Clinic Square, formerly known as Block E in downtown Minneapolis.

[CLICK HERE to read full press release on Monday's announced partnership between the Lynx and the Mayo Clinic.]

In town for the announcement was WNBA President Laurel Richie, Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve, Lynx Executive Vice President Roger Griffith, the Mayo Clinics Medical Director for Marketing and Public Affairs John T. Wald, and Lynx players Maya Moore and Monica Wright.

At first glance, this appears like its just a jersey collaboration, but it is so much more than that. Both the Lynx and Mayo Clinic both have a passion for serving and making their communities stronger, and those goals make this union a perfect fit.

Its kind of blowing peoples expectations out of the water. As a player, you dont see this coming. You dont think another organization can fit what you stand for so well, Moore said. It was just a really big treat having that, knowing that Im going to be very proud to wear that at the same time and we dont have to fake it. Were really proud to have the Mayo Clinic on our jersey. And I know they think that for us as well.

The two sides have become staples in Minnesotas culture. The Lynx as a two-time WNBA Championship team that is very prominent on and off the court, volunteering and giving back to the community as much as possible.

The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit leader located in Rochester, Minn., but the organizations impact is felt worldwide. The Clinic is celebrating its 150th year of serving humanity in this year.

The partnership has the goal of putting two organizations that are focused on success, hard work and the community around them in collaboration for the greater good.

In the process, they came together as a perfect fit for the Lynx's new uniforms.

Its one of those things where I guess were biased but it looks so organic, so natural, Reeve said. (The jerseys are) classy and everything you want.

The partnership will give the Mayo Clinic visibility to those watching any games across the state and country, but the Clinic will also receive in-arena and court signage to go along with a big presence on

Perhaps the most invaluable thing about this partnership, is that it goes worldwide. The Mayo Clinic is known around the world for its fantastic services in the health field. The Lynx are one of the most respected franchises in the WNBA, and have players such as Moore who are followed by fans around the world.

Both sides discussed on Monday about how they were very specific early in the process on who it would do partnerships with and how it would have to make perfect sense in order to do so.

We know that were a sports league, but at the end of the day, in the way we conduct business is to leave the world a better place, Richie said. And I think we have felt from the very beginning that the Mayo Clinic has that same outlook.

When two groups come together with the successful track records like the Mayo Clinic and the Minnesota Lynx, everybody wins. That was on display on Monday and it appears as if it will for quite some time.

"Mayo Clinic is already worldwide, and many of our players are renowned worldwide, so when people put two and two together Im sure they can have a sense of reassurance that these two things," Wright said. "The Lynx and Mayo Clinic kind of belong together."

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