National Girls and Women in Sports Day Profile: Chelsey Hess-Stevens

Editor's Note: With National Girls and Women in Sports Day being celebrated on Feb. 5, the Lynx organization will be highlighting female athletes throughout the week. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, Education is the most effective way of remedying discrimination. Thus, National Girls and Women in Sports Day is not just a day to celebrate the achievements of women in sports to the exclusion of the achievement of male athletes. It is a day where males and females focus on (1) the importance of remedying past discrimination against women in sports, (2) the benefits of sports participation for girls, and (3) addressing the myths that have kept both boys and girls from supporting girls' sports participation; myths like "throws like a girl", girls who play sports are lesbians, girls who do gymnastics get eating disorders, etc. Today, we start with Chelsey Hess-Stevens.

Name: Chelsey Hess-Stevens

Age: 24

Team: Omega Storm Cycolones

What do you love most about sports?

It lets me exercise and play sports that I like. The Special Olympics program lets me know that I am more than a person with a disability. It lets me move my body in ways that is not acceptable on a day-to-day basis.

Who are female athletes you look up to?

Lindsey Whalen


I like that she helps other team members by assisting them to make baskets. I think I am good at doing this for my team. She is also is able to run in and make baskets that others cannot block.

Why do you think sports are important for you and other young female athletes?

It teaches me and other female athletes to work together and recognize that everyone plays an important part on the team as well as in everyday life. With being able to play on a Special Olympics team, I am able to play not only basketball, but other sports I like.

How do sports help you stay active and fit?

I exercise more and pay attention more to my teammates in practicing on a regular schedule This helps me learn to pay more attention in everyday life. Exercise helps me to burn calories which is important in staying healthy.

What lessons do you learn from sports that you use in everyday life?

To be proud of what I do. To pay attention more, especially to those around me. Discipline. That if you practice hard enough you get better at what you do. This is what also happens on a day-to-day basis. If you work hard you will improve on what you do day-to-day. Also to share-You can't be a team all by yourself and this is the same with relationships with other people.
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